Grupo Agrotecnología rewards with technical advice to Hortus Vertical project at 9th UMH Marathon

Grupo Agrotecnología rewards with technical advice to Hortus Vertical project at 9th UMH Marathon
Last of February, the scientific park of the Miguel Hernández University (PC UMH) at Elche, in joint with the sponsors of the 9th UMH Startup Creation Marathon, awarded the winners of the first phase of this program.
During the event, the Technology Scouting Manager of Grupo Agrotecnología, Antonio Puertas, rewarded Hortus Vertical project. The entity recognized the initiative with technical advice, after being selected as the best business proposal in this sector.
Hortus Vertical consists of an initiative that works on its own system of vertical gardening and green roofs, of easy installation and maintenance. Furthermore, Grupo Agrotecnología will reward the most innovative business project in the agrotechnology sector with 10,000 euros during the second phase of the 9th UMH Marathon, which will conclude in May 2020.
Through this program, Grupo Agrotecnología seeks to promote projects to increase the economy of the area, to mobilize the business in this sector and to support entrepreneurs during the implementation of their business initiatives.
Through diverse entrepreneurship programs, the UMH science park has advised more than 1,500 entrepreneurs with nearly 800 innovative business projects. In addition, it has distributed around 600,000 euros of financing in prizes and has promoted more than 150 innovative companies.

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