Grupo Agrotecnologia revamps its brand image


As part of its commitment to internationalisation, the company has revamped its visual image while maintaining its essence and underscoring its “Zero Residue” approach. Its new corporate image reflects a commitment to transmitting the intrinsic and distinguishing values defining the company’s “DNA”.

Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the fields of biostimulants, biopesticides and biofertilizers, has overhauled its image by introducing changes to some of the visual elements that stress the brand’s main differentiating features, all while maintaining its identity and essence.

Today the Grupo Agrotecnología, headquartered in Spain and with three subsidiaries, in Peru, Chile and Mexico, is engaged in an internationalisation process that has spurred it to renovate its corporate image, raising it to a level on a par with its global strategy. Its new logo, its and look and feel, mark the beginning of an international expansion stage and an opening up to new markets through which the brand’s value will be reinforced and strengthened.

The Grupo Agrotecnología presents a new, more modern and personalised corporate image with the aim of transmitting a comprehensive concept encompassing the intrinsic values and hallmarks characterising its philosophy and its corporate “DNA”: innovation, technological development, research, and its Zero Waste strategy.

Its firm commitment to the environment, sustainable agriculture and the conservation of biodiversity is reflected in the icon, with a focus on Zero Residue introduced through an orange wave evoking a smile and symbolising the earth, and, on it, a green “O” as a symbol of life and residue-free agriculture guaranteeing product quality and food safety.

It also maintains its slogan , “naturally efficient ,” alluding to the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of its products. The Grupo Agrotecnología’s new image, which will coexist alongside the previous one for a time, features a visual balance that transmits, in a harmonic way, its uniqueness, commitment, strength, professionalism and distinctive traits.

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