Grupo Agrotecnología obtains the EPA registration for the Biofungicide Milagrum Plus in the USA.

Milagrum Plus, developed and produced by Grupo Agrotecnología, has achieved EPA (Pesticide Registration) in the USA. This new registration is the key to its international expansion.
Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the field of biostimulants, biopesticides, biofertilizers and a pioneer in 0 Residue strategy since its inception, more than 20 years ago, has recently obtained the EPA registration of Milagrum Plus in the USA.
Milagrum Plus is a broad-spectrum biological fungicide for preventing and controlling foliar and soil diseases in agricultural crops. Milagrum Plus has developed an exclusive formulation for the American market. Contains Bacillus subtilis, a bacterium of the rhizosphere that quickly establishes beneficial colonies on the roots of plants and leaves. It exerts a powerful sanitary effect on the plants, activates the plants’ defense systems, at the same time as increasing crops’ vigor and yields. The product has been registered in the USA for all types of crops including horticultural, woody, and extensive herbaceous and ornamental ones.
Acquisition of this new sanitary registry in the USA for Grupo Agrotecnología is a key element in its strategy of international expansion, fruit of the work done and of the heavy investment made. Enrique Riquelme, CEO of Grupo Agrotecnología informs us that, “ We are currently immersed in an internationalization process in order to consolidate our international presence and establish our position in new markets with the aim of becoming a clear international leader in the field of 0 Residue biopesticides, biostimulants and biofertilizers”. He continues, “we are adapting our structure to enlarge our registration of natural biopesticides on the market; with this new registration in the USA, the company has 8 biopesticide registrations and we foresee increasing that number to 15 in the next two years and conquering the number one market position in natural biopesticide registrations”.
Milagrum Plus’ unique formula, recently registered in the USA, confers maximum, pesticide-free effectiveness for consumers with no risks for human health. It is a product certified for organic farming and for integrated treatment or 0 residue programs. Due to its natural origin, it presents no problems of resistance and is environmentally friendly.

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