Grupo Agrotecnología, invited to the Northern Peru conference, promoted by Redagrícola

From May 12 to 14, the international organization attended one of the most important online events in terms of South American agriculture, led by Hortus, the Peruvian distributor of Grupo Agrotecnología, to present its new biofungicide product in Peru: Ospo-Vi55.
Following the success of previous conferences in Piura, Ica and Trujillo, Red Agrícola team organized a program based on a combination of education, workshops, expert talks and a virtual meeting room, so that attendees could talk and interact with teachers, researchers and farmers from around the world.
The meeting point of the agro-export of Peru addressed the latest scientific, technical, and commercial news on the main crops of the country: table grapes, blueberries, avocados, mangoes and bananas, and Grupo Agrotecnología, together with Hortus, presented during this conference Ospo-Vi55: a new biofungicide product whose high efficacy against powdery mildew has an immediate effect on a wide variety of crops without stopping or reducing the harvest and without generating pesticide residues.
The Spanish company attended the appointment as a reference structure in innovative products and technologies for maximum natural efficacy, holding a conference that dealt with the presentation of Ospo-Vi55, currently, this new product has an approved registration for use in grape crops table, artichoke or asparagus.
The North of Peru conference is undoubtedly one of the most important meetings between industry professionals from all over Latin America, as demonstrated by its resounding success, with a record attendance on the RedAgrícola platform, and with the participation of large structures in search of networking opportunities, collaboration in various company webinars, individual meetings or experiential workshops.
The presentation by Grupo Agrotecnología took place on May 12 at 8:10 pm (Peru time) and was well attended by people on the RedAgrícola platform, the presentation was so well received, that the day was repeated May 13 at 1:30 pm.
The fact of having been part of the success of this event is an incentive for Grupo Agrotecnología, which understands that their attendance corroborates the internationalization process in which the company has been working since its foundation.
Today, after one year of joining the Rovensa Group, the Spanish company has become an entire international organization, and this is the reason why participating in the Northern Peru conference is an achievement that, from Grupo Agrotecnología qualify as: “Worldwide recognition and an award for a job well done.” This is how Enrique Riquelme, Executive Director of the Biocontrol unit of the Rovensa Group, understands it, who claims to feel satisfied after being invited to the event promoted by a specialized magazine in the sector such as Red Agrícola: “We have been working to solidify and seal the bases of our internationalization process. We have always cared about what is said about us outside of Spain. For this reason, being able to attend an event created by Red Agrícola is an honor for the team and a reward for the effort that has involved crossing the pond and having headquarters established in a large part of South America ”.
In conclusion, Grupo Agrotecnología continues to participate in actions that promote the development of its internationalization process, a strategy with which Spanish companies have always felt identified, as well as their commitment to continuous innovation and intelligent, comprehensive agriculture, competitive and sensitive to environmental problems, that respects and takes care of the world around us while guaranteeing the food safety of those who inhabit it.

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