Grupo Agrotecnología has attained its third COFEPRIS registration in Mexico, for OSPO-Vi55

With the attainment of the registration for the powdery mildew eradicator, Ospo-VI55, after those of Cupratec and Milagrum Plus, the company has now reinforced in the Aztec nation its double business commitment to Zero Residue and to international expansion.
Grupo Agrotecnología, a leading company in the field of biostimulants, biopesticides, biofertilizers and a pioneer in the Zero Residue strategy, has attained a third biopesticide registration (in this case for OSPO-VI55) in Mexico. The new seal of guarantee is valid until 13/07/2023. This phytosanitary registration is from the Federal Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (COFEPRIS). Grupo Agrotecnología, in its continuous effort and business commitment when proposing specific solutions adapted to the characteristics and needs of Mexican agriculture, incorporates new strategies and synergies adapted to the paradigm shift of sustainable agriculture.
OSPO-VI55 is a natural and very effective fungicide that eradicates phytopathogenic fungi that cause different Mildews, Oidiopsis and Rusts. Ospo-Vi55 has been registered in Mexico for powdery mildew (Oidium) in Solanaceae (eggplant, chile, chile bell, tomato, potato, tobacco, husk tomato); and cucurbits (cucumber, pumpkin, chayote, chilacayote, watermelon, melon, zucchini).
Ospo-Vi55 can be used as an input in organic agriculture and is recommended in integrated protection or Zero Residue programs. It is applied on foliage when the first symptoms of disease appear. It does not have a waiting period; therefore, it can be used during a crop’s entire vegetative and harvest period.
This is the third biopesticide registration in Mexico for Enrique Riquelme, Grupo Agrotecnología’s CEO, “It is the result of the continuous effort in investment and work in the Zero Residue biostimulant and biopesticide sector. The company is currently immersed in an internationalization process, the objective being to strengthen our international presence, and shore-up our presence in new markets and become a clear international benchmark.” “Our company currently holds 11 phytosanitary registrations”, Riquelme points out to us and “We plan to increase this number to 15 in the next two years, thereby achieving the number one position in terms of natural biopesticide registrations for the market.”

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