Grupo Agrotecnología and Idai Nature join forces at the renowned EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO

EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO is famous for being the best agribusiness platform for positioning products internationally.The joint participation of Idai Nature and Grupo Agrotecnología in this event strengthens Rovensa’s Biocontrol Unit positioning.

Both companies will welcome attendees of this major event at booths 914, 915, 916 and 917.
Grupo Agrotecnología and Idai Nature, companies that are part of Rovensa’s Biocontrol Unit, will participate together in the XXVI edition of the EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO, a major event that has been held in Irapuato since 1996, with edition taking place from 9 to 12 November.
EXPO AGROALIMENTARIA GUANAJUATO is known for bringing together more than 120,000 visitors from the agricultural industry, including, among other, potential international buyers, distributors and specialists from 52 different countries, as well as over 800 exhibitors, in an impressive venue of more than 62 hectares.
During the four days, both companies will be present at the four booths: 914, 915, 916 and 917, creating a sales island, where the team will welcome the attendees. They will showcase the latest products of their competitive biocontrol portfolio.
This joint participation is evidence of the synergies existing between Group companies, which give the group a better position in the agricultural biocontrol market.

About Idai Nature and Grupo Agrotecnología

Grupo Agrotecnología and Idai Nature are Spanish companies engaged in the development and manufacture of environmentally-friendly products based on microorganisms and botanical extracts with biofungicidal, biobactericidal and/or bioinsecticidal properties. Both are part of the Agricultural Biocontrol unit of the Rovensa Business Group.

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